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Fairfield County Cleaning and Emergency Repair Services

ServiceMaster by Marshall has provided cleaning service & emergency repair to Fairfield County for decades. We started with your traditional carpet cleaning and janitorial services. We have since evolved to adapt to today’s most devastating property damages, insurance claims, and natural disasters. Professional Cleaning and Emergency Repair is what we do, and what we do best!

Raccoon Clean Up and Removal

Raccoon Clean Up and Removal Cleaning up after a raccoon can be a daunting tasking. Not only do they tear out garbage and wreck havoc in your yard, but they also leave their feces in communal sites called latrines. Their latrines may be found on or in: Trees Raised surfaces (rocks, stumps, woodpiles, etc) Decks…
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Commercial Cleaning Service

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include: CARPET CLEANING Regular ServiceMaster by Marshall carpet cleaning and maintenance is an effective an inexpensive way to enhance your image and prolong carpet life. Our exclusive carpet cleaning process is backed by the following: We guarantee your satisfaction or we will do it over at no additional charge! HARD SURFACE…
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Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma and Crime Scene Clean-up In the event of a traumatic event, like a homicide, suicide or other fatality, it is important that all affected areas of a building or property are professionally cleaned to eliminate any biohazardous waste. Failure to properly and safely remove all biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health issues for…
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Reconstruction Services

Reconstruction Services Even when water is extracted and dried, or equipment is placed at the property after a fire, most of the time, there’s still reconstruction services to be completed. As a licensed construction company with a properly trained staff, ServiceMaster by Marshall will offer all the essential reconstruction services. We provide quality services in…
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Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold Removal & Remediation Services Discovering mold is a nightmare for any building owner or care-taker. Mold can develop in as little as 48 hours wherever excessive moisture is present.  After water damage has occurred, mold is to be expected. Shower leaks, pipe breaks, or any other type of water damage can supply the moisture…
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Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration Even when the fire is put out, smoke covers surfaces and contents that produce a chemical reaction. Without a quick reponse, items can turn unsalvageable. We recommend you refrain from cleaning the damage yourself, because touching surfaces with soot can actually make the damage worse of improperly handled. In fact, removal of…
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